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If you or your company own property, the management of which you consider to be a burden, or you wish to find a better way of utilizing it. If you have real estate property, which is outside the boundaries of your attention, problem assets or non-essential assets that do not generate any profit, though requiring time and money to retain and maintain – Yukon Companies Group offers a range of services to manage your property.

Property management – is an integrated approach to development and management of real estate. As part of the real estate management system, the functions performed by the owner and the managing director become separate, that is, the owner entrusts his property to the managing director for trust management. The owner, though, retains the right for strategic decision making, and fulfils the function of a quality supervisor. Operational management functions are delegated to the head trustee. This approach enables a quick solution finding in the tasks associated with the creation, development, appraisal and management of property, aimed at serving the interests of our clients.

Property management objectives are determined by the owner and depend on the owner’s goals. They may be – maximize income, increase the liquidity of real estate or other.

After signing a contract with the company you receive:

  • The formation of optimal and high quality pool of tenants;
  • A complete and reliable legal protection of immovable property;
  • Lease management, verification of tenants, a legal escort lease contracts;
  • Efficient control over payment of rent and other payments;
  • Absence of problems with tenants;
  • An affective profit making scheme;
  • Legal escort for reconstruction and redesign schemes;
  • Representation of interests in front of the local and other authorities, organisations responsible for maintenance and third parties, regarding your property;
  • Overseeing contract negotiations with third parties;
  • Working with the state executive and supervisory bodies at all levels on issues regarding the retention of the property under the rules and requirements of existing legislation;
  • Provisions for appropriate insurance coverage and development of schemes to minimize the risks, risk management;
  • The monthly report on the status of property and payments.
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