Yukon Companies Group develops commercial real estate construction projects using its own resources as well as attracting outside investment.

We use an integrated approach while working on our projects, and are willing to supply our clients with the information about each phase of the project as well as the project as a whole.

In addition to conducting project-drafting and engineering works, we guarantee a full legal support, ensure the receipt of all necessary documents and permits.

Real estate management

Every real estate owner has his own expectations regarding his property. They may lie in maximizing the profit they receive from it, increasing liquidity or boosting the value of the property, etc. All above mentioned objectives can be met through highly professional and efficient management of the property in question.

Transferring his property to Yukon Companies Group, its owner receives:

  • reliable legal protection of his property, including legal escort of the lease contracts, settling all possible issues with the local authorities and controlling organizations,
  • excellent quality pool of tenants whose status has been verified, contracts signed and whose rent payments are regularly monitored.
  • maintaining interaction with state and local executive bodies, controlling and permission giving organizations on all matters related to the operation and maintenance of the facility in accordance with the norms and requirements of existing legislation,
  • regular, stipulated in the contract, feedback on the status of the property and due payments.

If necessary, the building owner receives a legal escort for a possible reconstruction or redevelopment of the property. At the same time, all the involved in this case additional workload is performed by the design and construction units of Yukon Companies Group.

Our staff will be more than happy to advise you and supply with further information.

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