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Commercial proposition

For our clients we offer separate, autonomous, turn-key buildings with own parking lot and the land improvement territory.

This type of real estate is built on the original projects and we utilize the most advanced construction technology and materials available today. The construction site is erected according to the specific of the national commercial development market. This type of building the most suitable for office centers; EPOB (Executive & Private Office Building); headquarters; health, educational and financial institutions; townhouses and others.

We propose the best quality and optimal terms in this segment of commercial property (buildings from 500 to 7000 sq. m.)!

Only for 2000 USD per sq. m. we offer a complex of services:

1. The market analysis and the selection of the site/construction project for optimal realization your project, preparation of the general concept and the architectural design of the building;

2. Preparation of the construction estimate, facilitating and obtaining all necessary governmental permits;

3. Taking into account public and private interests during the construction;

4. Building work, managing the project subcontractors:

  • erection of the building and facade decoration;
  • gypsum plasterboards walls;
  • aluminium and PVC windows, balcony barriers;
  • cement coupling floor and sound-insulation;
  • fencing of stairs;
  • installing outer doors;
  • electrical, water and sanitary installation;
  • installing wall outlets and switches;
  • installation of heating system;
  • installation of air-conditioning system;
  • installation of underroof of type of "Armstrong";
  • internal finishing is painting, piling of ceramic tile;
  • setting of ceramic washstands, toilets, mixers;
  • LAN
  • land improvement of the site;
  • security and fire alarm systems.
  • systems of video and access-control;

5. Constant close building and development control;

6. Putting into operation;

7. Guaranteeing rights of the customers;

8. Development management, aimed at the effective use and increasing of profits;

9. Legal provision of the project.

For additional payment (up to 2300 USD per sq. m.) the building can be equipped with elevator and supply and exhaust ventilation system.

We are ready to fulfill complete cycle of work with real estate and report on the each stage of the project!

Legal scheme of cooperation

For the most effective cooperation we offer the Investor to sign the «Development Services Agreement». Under the agreement Yukon Companies Group pledges on behalf at the expense of client to provide such legal and development services:

  • selection and purchase of the site;
  • preparation of the construction estimate, facilitating and obtaining all necessary governmental permits;
  • building work;
  • putting into operation.

On each stages of building Yukon Companies Group and the Investor sign a separate agreement with advance payment from the Investor, according to the individual scheme of financing.

After finishing each stages of the project, Yukon Companies Group and the Investor sign the “Statement of acceptance of work” with appropriate payment for services.

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