Construction services


Company Yukon-C – a construction subdivision of Yukon Companies Group – if necessary, offers additional construction and installation services.

A list of construction and installation services.

  1. Building monolithic and prefabricated reinforced concrete foundations.
  2. Erection of external and internal walls, partitions, ventilation ducts from bricks, ceramic or foam-concrete blocks etc.
  3. Installation of the prefabricated reinforced concrete parts for residential and public facilities.
  4. Installation of sliding roofs (wooden frame systems, different roofing materials, drain-pipe systems).
  5. Thermal insulation of the building facades with Styrofoam plates, to be followed by plastering using mineral and acrylic coatings.
  6. Design and installation of internal central heating networks, cold and hot water supply, sewerage.
  7. Carrying out different kinds of decorative work for a "turnkey" option.
  8. Landscaping of the surrounding area – placement of paving tiles, territory fencing, external lighting, façade illumination.

Additionally, we carry out the following work:

  1. Design and installation of external utilities (water, sewage, gas and electricity supplies).
  2. Design and installation of internal electricity networks.
  3. Installation of air-conditioning and ventilation systems.
  4. Installation of metal structures.
  5. Window setting and glazing.
  6. Installation of fire and security alarms.
  7. Installation of video surveillance systems and access control.
  8. Construction of a feeble current telephone system.
  9. Setting up a computer network.
  10. Assembling all types of elevators.

Further information and detailed advice can be obtained at the Construction department of Yukon Companies Group.

Tel. +380 44 581-35-51

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