Company Yukon-C is building subsection of Yukon Companies Group and provides a full cycle of services related to the design, construction and reconstruction of facilities.

In March 2009 Yukon-C received from the Ukrainian State Committee of Construction and Architecture a license, series of AB № 459024 from 10.03.09, which enables the company to carry out project-drafting and construction work.

Our specialists

The experts of the company – are top level and highly experienced architects, designers and construction professionals of the building industry. Many of them have more than 25 years of experience working in the construction industry. It’s the knowledge, abilities and the skills of our professionals that enable us to successfully manage construction, renovation and redesign of buildings.

Work foundation

In its work Yukon-C aims at the highest standards of quality. Fundamental principals of our work are:

  • compliance with all regulations and standards;
  • efficient use of materials and other resources;
  • minimizing costs throughout the construction stage;
  • adoption of economic solutions that reduce the future cost of operating the facility.

We offer effective solutions that can be realized today. Unlike many other construction companies, Yukon-C, in addition to preparing all the necessary documentation, assumes the responsibility for coordinating the draft project with all regulatory and permit issuing agencies.

Further information and detailed advice can be obtained at the Construction department of Yukon Companies Group.

Tel. +380 44 581-35-51

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