Project drafting and design


Every construction project begins with an idea or a concept. This is the cornerstone of each investment project.

The entire project drafting process can be divided into three major phases, which also have their constituent parts:

First stage. Feasibility study. Done for determining if the project meets the customer expectations, adheres to the urban, architectural, artistic, environmental and other standards. The purpose of this phase is to determine how possible it is to develop the project with the given specifications. If a customer desires the feasibility study can be supplemented with techno-engineering solutions, engineering schemes for supply lines and networks, initial financial estimate of the final cost.

  1. Development of architectural volumetric solutions and preparing the techno-economic data for a project. This phase also includes visualization proposals, which allow you to visualize all the advantages and eliminate emerging disadvantages.
  2. The architectural and planning solutions.
  3. Explanatory note, which contains the techno-economic data and the basis for the decisions taken.
  4. Situational plan on a scale of 1:2 000.
  5. A draft of the master plan on a scale of 1:500.
  6. Drafts for all levels / floors in the building.
  7. The vertical sections.
  8. Building’s facades.
  9. Visualisation.

Second stage. Stage ‘Project’. Developed in accordance with the design objectives, issued by the customer, and containing planning, architectural, artistic, environmental, technical, technological, engineering solutions for the project, techno-economical indicators.

  1. Master plan.
  2. Explanatory note.
  3. Situation plan.
  4. Vertical planning draft.
  5. Adjacent territory improvement and landscaping draft.
  6. Detailed plan of traffic and pedestrian zones.

Architectural and building part.

  • Explanatory note, which includes fire fighting measures and an action plan for mobile groups.
  • Floor Plans.
  • Sections.
  • Facades.

Design part.

  • Explanatory note.
  • Main and secondary drafts and layouts.

Engineering part, which contains the main charts/schemes and the explanatory notes for each section:

  • heating, ventilation;
  • lighting, electrical equipment;
  • running water, sewerage;
  • automation, feeble current systems.

Third stage. Working documentation. It’s an integral design stage and is compiled in two parts:

  • part, which is subject to approval, and contains an explanatory note, estimate analysis, a section of the construction and drawing management,
  • • working drawing plan, according to which, construction work is performed in full, under the contract.

Further information and detailed advice can be obtained at the Construction department of Yukon Companies Group.

Tel. +380 44 581-35-51

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