General contractor


Company Yukon-C as a full cycle construction company discharges the responsibilities of a project general contractor.

Duties of the general contractor:

  1. Assessment of available documents and supporting data, ensuring that the project meets all the industry standards and regulations, providing assistance in obtaining the necessary documentation and permits.
  2. Selection of building materials and other necessary items for coordination with the customer.
  3. Drawing up a general timetable, setting the deadlines for the construction. Determining target dates for phases of construction.
  4. Finding contractors, to carry out special assignments, and suppliers of materials through tenders, competitions, monitors prices.
  5. Providing legal support in dealing with contractors and suppliers, conducting financial transitions with them.
  6. Organizing the construction process, co-ordinating work schedules for contractors and subcontractors, building supplies of necessary materials, finding special equipment and machinery.
  7. Continuous monitoring of the quality of performed work, ensuring that the deadlines for individual stages are met, analyses operating and other costs.
  8. If necessary, inviting particular specialists and consultants.
  9. Preparing the necessary documentation for the final project delivery.

Further information and detailed advice can be obtained at the Construction department of Yukon Companies Group.

Tel. +380 44 581-35-51

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