О компанії

About the company

Yukon Companies Group operates in the market of building and development of commercial real estate projects.

We specialize in building high quality and exclusive real estate property using only the materials that meet the highest European standards.

Every single construction project we completed, conforms to all the modern building requirements set for office space buildings, and meets all current applicable regulations and requirements.

All our construction projects come complete with a local computer and multi zone air conditioning networks, autonomous central heating system, access monitoring system, video surveillance and fire and security alarms. They are also connected to the local digital telephone network, broad band Internet, electricity grid 100 kW, water supply and sewerage systems. The adjacent territory of each building is landscaped and, of course, has a parking lot. All above mentioned reasons help to create a productive working environment, and in turn, contribute to the overall success of the owners of the property.

What we can do

Yukon Companies Group subdivisions are well positioned to successfully accomplish the tasks assigned to them by our clients. Company resources allow us to act as a highly professional developer which adopts a personal approach to each client and his projects, applying sound investment policies.

We perform a complete cycle of construction services – from design to’ turnkey’ project delivery. You have an opportunity to experience the high professionalism of our staff. After all, we monitor the emergence of new technologies, materials and integrated solutions and utilize them in our work.

Stability, a strategic focus on high results, possession of information on trends, taking place both in Ukrainian and foreign real estate and construction markets, our familiarity with the specifics of our client’s work in domestic economic and political realities allow us to successfully expand into the new segments and markets while continuing attracting new customers.

How it all started

Yukon Companies Group was founded in March 1995. At first, it was active in the telecommunications industry. It owed a chain of 40 stores, offering mobile phone products and services in 24 towns and cities across Ukraine.

At the beginning 2005 we became active in the construction and real estate segments of the market.

What we have accomplished

By now, we have completed the construction of three separate office space projects 1,000 - 1,500 sq. meters each.

Currently we run more than 30 construction objects all over Ukraine.

Yukon Companies Group plans to continue moving forward in improving the quality of construction, expanding our range of services and increasing the number of successfully completed projects.

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